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Ui Pro Services

Musti Group

Leading pet speciality retailer in the Nordics.

Three markets, three verticals, one vision

Musti Group owns and manages the supply chain for more than 250 stores in Finland, Norway and Sweden, and offers pet grooming in all three countries. The company also has veterinary services in Sweden and Finland.

United Interactive™ for Musti Group

User Interface Design

Via contract, we collaborated with Musti Group on all steps of the eCommerce customer experience.

Our team contributed to interface improvements in Finland and Sweden, and brand launch to a new market in Norway.

We provided creative direction throughout the digital channel, modernising the brand design aesthetic.

eCommerce Loyalty Program

Joint team initiated an update to amount of purchase based customer loyalty program with an integrated rewards layer.

The new program introduces pet profiles and social features in addition to recommendation and referral system.

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimisation

Working with several offices in various time zones, team shared design concepts for testing and roll-out.

We produced deliverables within agile sprints, priorities defined by analytics, heat maps, and final designs verified by user testing.

With a special attention to the mobile experience, we created tangible results according to specifics of each market.

eCommerce Personalisation

Shoppers will receive updates via assistant, remembering important dates and notifying, calling to actions if subscribed.

Product display changes according on site location, pet profile, purchase pattern, physical location and device, time of the day and current weather.

Musti Group Website

Appreciating business expansion, Musti Group was ready for a new look.

United Interactive™ directed an original visual branding, adapting the company for international markets.

Musti Group: Pet Life Cycle Concept