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Success Story


A global leader in diving equipment eCommerce.

Partnership from Day 1

DiveStock is a global leader in diving specialised eCommerce. With dedicated fulfilment centres in Europe and Asia, the company delivers to more than 80 countries. In addition to EU and global presence, DiveStock has a growing network of localised eCommerce websites.

United Interactive™ for DiveStock

eCommerce Customer Journey

DiveStock invited us to collaborate on several touch points of the customer journey.

eCommerce personalisation

eCommerce localisation

eCommerce conversion rate optimisation

eCommerce cart check-out optimisation

eMail campaigns

Social media advertising

Branded editorial content

User Interface Design

Backed by agency research, and moving to increased integration of social and editorial content, we worked with DiveStock to update their first user interface, also designed by us.

Our team was responsible for the creative direction and interface localisation. As a result, the renewed user experience signally increased conversion rates.

Technical Production Note

Online advertising templates were animated in javascript with resolution independent .svg graphics and Google Fonts embedded typography. All templates are compatible with Google AdWords and Google Display Network.

eCommerce Marketing

We provided creative and technical direction for DiveStock global brand marketing. Mediums included eMail, social media and display advertising.

Visual Identity

DiveStock visual identity
DiveStock visual identity
DiveStock visual identity